Electronic Rep Association- Arizona Chapter

About Us

About Us
Territories Covered:
Arizona, New Mexico, Clark County Nevada, El Paso Texas, Mexico Border Cities of Juarez & Nogales

The Organization
The Electronics Representatives Association is an international trade organization comprised of qualified, professional manufacturers’ representative firms. We work to promote, protect and enhance the multiple-line rep function and our members’ unique system of synergistic selling. ERA acts as the worldwide conduit across the electronics industry for manufacturers seeking professional field sales firms to sell their products. ERA also serves as a resource for electronics and high-technology industries.
As the voice of more than 1,600 manufacturers’ rep sales firms, ERA promotes the rep function to manufacturers, customers, government, the academic community and the electronics industry. Members of ERA sell $50 billion worth of electronics products annually via eight product marketing groups: Communications (COM); Components (CM); Computer (CP); Consumer Electronics (CE); Instrumentation & Sensors (IN); Materials, Assembly & Production (MAP); RF/Microwave (RF); Sound, Audiovisual, Electronic Security (SAVES).
Collectively, ERA’s educational and communications programs keep members abreast of technology advances in the electronics marketplace as well as the latest in marketing and sales techniques, which directly benefit their principals and customers.
The national web site is located at https://era.org.

The Arizona Chapter
The Arizona Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association is dedicated to promoting and protecting the representative function within the Arizona electronics marketplace. The Chapter is a resource for its members. It provides support for establishing and maintaining the representative function through continuing education and interface with state government. The government interface is important in order to influence legislation in favor of the representative concept and defeat legislation detrimental to the rep business.
The Arizona Chapter maintains a strong relationship with National ERA headquarters in Chicago. The Chapter sends its Board to ERA Headquarters for training in their respective duties, has an active National ERA delegate, and encourages its interested members to serve on National ERA Committees.

Chapter Leadership

Cameron English- English Technical Sales


Kevin Davis- Techni-Source

Vice President

Steve Davis- Techni-Source

VP- Show Chair

Mike Martin- Spectrum Marketing


Rick Dale- Kruvand FTS

Shows & Events Chair

Fiona Biggins- English Technical Sales

Admin & Events Manager

Wyatt Gifford

Marketing & Publication Admin

Member Benefits

Member Benefits
Why Belong?
Membership links you through ERA events and communications to the representative community. That link fosters exchanges of information, problem solving sessions and the sharing of ideas and concerns – all the benefits that are most highly valued by those who are already members.

As a member …
… you support the only organization dedicated to promoting, protecting and improving YOUR profession as a manufacturers’ representative in the electronics industry.
Your membership is a credible demonstration to your principals and customers of your long-term commitment to your profession and the ERA Code of Ethics.
Your membership also helps you make money and save money when you take advantage of the benefits, services and programs provided by both ERA NATIONAL and the Arizona Chapter, which include:
Benefits from ERA National
  • An ongoing dedication to helping manufacturers learn about the cost-effective benefits of selling through reps;
  • “Education you can’t get anywhere else” at the ERA National Conference, the only electronics industry event devoted to helping reps and their principals build more productive partnerships;
  • Free bi-monthly educational teleforums;
  • Free access to sales and other business data generated by ERA’s regular survey of both rep and manufacturer members;
  • Eligibility to earn professional certification via the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation’s Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative (CPMR) and Certified Sales Professional (CSP) programs;
  • Free listings in ERA’s online Rep Locator, the industry “bible” for manufacturers seeking professional representation;
  • Free Lines Available e-mail bulletins that update you on manufacturers seeking qualified reps;
  • Free Lines Available listings and many business services offered through the ERA exhibit at the annual Electronic Distribution Show (EDS);
  • Free hyperlinking to connect your firm’s Web site to the Arizona Chapter Web site and the internationally-promoted, interactive site of ERA National;
  • Free subscriptions to The Representor Magazine and other association publications;
  • Free access to rep-savvy advice via telephone consultations with experts on legal, tax, sales training, insurance and advertising/public relations issues;
  • Free business management tools, e.g., many types of contract guidelines (for principals, employees and/or sub-reps), rep council guidelines, industry white papers, POS reporting and split commission guidelines;
  • Discounted pricing on many business necessities, such as group insurance (including life, dental, income protection and liability), computer software, office supplies and auto rentals.

Benefits from Arizona ERA
  • Recognition as a member of the electronics industry’s most proactive professional organization in Arizona;
  • Free admission to all regularly scheduled educational programs and bi-monthly Rep-Distributor Networking Breakfasts;
  • Discounted fees for rep-specific training programs, seminars and special events;
  • Free listing on the Arizona ERA Web site;
  • Free access to territory DTAM (Distribution Total Available Market) data and year-to-year comparative reports;
  • Free access to local Lines Available, the chapter resume service and industry classified ads distributed via e-mail;
  • Free, confidential “matchmaking” services for members who want to buy, sell or merge a firm or forge a sub-rep pact;
  • Eligibility for annual college scholarships available to all member firm personnel and their dependents;
  • Eligibility to participate in the local electronics industry’s most popular golf and bowling tournaments; and
  • Free (but priceless) advice from fellow reps and unparalleled networking with the best in the rep business!


  • $65
  •  2/28/2021 06:00 PM - 3/2/2021 06:00 PM
  •   2816 Cinnamon Lane, San Antonio, TX

Please go to era.org to register at ​https://era.org/era-events/era-conference/​​​

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  • $75
  •  7/24/2019 08:00 PM
  •   3557 Pretty View Lane, Alderpoint CA

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  • $85
  •  12/25/2018 09:00 PM
  •   1684 Wildrose Lane, Detroit, MI

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  • 10575 North 114th Street Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ, 85259

Member Listing


Kehoe Electronics

Officers: Sarah Kehoe-Northrop

Officers: Rick Dale, Area Acct Mgr

Officers: Mike Hays; Steve Arnold; Brian Schultz
Officers: Becky Tigerman, Brandon Marroquin

Trembly Associates Corp.

Officers: Gary Mulryan

ERA Chapter:

Officers: Alan Reichlin
Officers: Joyce Davis; Kevin Davis; Steve Davis; Kari Grieco
Officers: David C. Basila, CPMR
Officers: Roxanne Gustitis
Officers: Cameron English, Pres
Officers: Jim Hyde
Officers: Doug Rittenhouse
Officers: Carole Dickinson
Officers: Randy Kumagai
Officers: AZ: Jonathan Elovitz, NM: Ric Aguilar
Officers: Nicholas Del Vecchio, Jr., President; Joan T. Del Vecchio, VP
Officers: Rory Proper
Officers: Charlie Badzik, President, Carole Gavalyas, CFO/Treas